Hardwood Floors Installation

Carpets can go out of style and linoleum might wear out over time, but one type of flooring that will forever remain stylish and sophisticated is the hardwood floor. Long lasting and low maintenance, hardwood floor installation is becoming increasingly popular among residential and commercial property owners in Melbourne.

If you’re looking into installing hardwood floors in your home or place of business, contact Clinton Tracy of Quicksand Flooring. Servicing the entire Melbourne metropolitan area, Clinton has been installing and restoring hardwood floors for 20 years. Discover what we can do to enhance the look of your home or business.

Rejuvenate Your Existing Hardwood Floors

In addition to hardwood floor installation, Quicksand Flooring is able to provide essential maintenance services to ensure your existing hardwood floor looks its very best. Call us when you need high-quality yet affordable sanding and refinishing of hardwood floors in your home or workplace. We offer sanding and polishing, repair of loose hardwood floor boards, and other hardwood floor refinishing services.

Whether you need to repair a hardwood floor or want to enquire about installing hardwood floors, you can trust Quicksand Flooring to provide the service and advice you need. To arrange a free, no-obligation quote, call us on 0451 326 307 or contact us online.