Floor Polishing and Floor Sanding Services in Merricks

Hardwood floors can look great in any home, whether the property is three years or 30 years old. However, in order to look good, they need to be well looked after. It doesn’t take long for scratches and scuff marks to age the floorboards, while constant foot traffic and moving furniture can create bumps and dents in the timber as well. If you’d like your hardwood floors restored to premium condition so they instantly elevate the visual appeal of your property and potentially increase its value at the same time, call the team at Quicksand Flooring. We boast over 20 years of experience providing floor polishing and floor sanding services in Merricks, smoothing out bumps and sanding out all scratches and splinters to get your floor looking its very best.

Timber Decking in Merricks

Create a fabulous outdoor area for entertaining friends or just relaxing on the weekend with help from Quicksand Flooring. We can construct timber decking in Merricks for local residential and commercial properties, perfect for everything from summer barbeques with friends to just kicking back with a good book. We’ll work with you to create a design that not only suits your existing property but also suits your needs.

If you’ve already got a deck on your property but it has seen better days, enquire about our deck sanding in Merricks as well. We’ll strip your deck back to its bare timber using our state-of-the-art sanding technology and re-coat it with a protective finish that will safeguard it from Melbourne’s dynamic weather patterns and keep it looking great for years to come.

Hardwood Floor Repairs in Merricks

Hardwood floors can succumb to deterioration in a number of ways. From termite infestation to warping floorboards caused by moisture damage, hardwood floors can reach a point where they not only look aged due to wear and tear, but they can also pose safety risks. Fortunately, Quicksand Flooring offers hardwood floor repairs in Merricks that not only leave your floors looking their absolute best, but also ensure they remain safe to use for many years.

Staircase Restoration and Repair

A wooden staircase in a home or commercial property can add immense visual and financial value, particularly when it has been well maintained and looked after over the years. If your staircase is showing signs of wear and tear, or even signs of damage that could lead to a potential safety hazard, call Quicksand Flooring for our staircase restoration and repair service. Whether you have steps that need replacing due to water damage, or just need a simple sand and polish to get rid of some scratches and scuff marks, you can trust us to get the job done.

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There’s never been a better time than now to arrange a free measure and quote for any of our services. Whether you’re looking to build timber decking in Merricks or require basic floor sanding and floor polishing in Merricks for your hardwood floorboards to get them looking their best, contact us online or call 0451 326 307 and discover how we can help you.