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How to successfully stain your outdoor deck

Clint Finishing A Deck

In our instructional video, “How to Successfully Stain Your Outdoor Deck,” Clint from Quicksand Flooring offers an in-depth guide on the best practices for staining a deck. He chooses a spotted gum decking for demonstration, emphasizing the use of Walker WOCA exterior oil, particularly in teak color, for its effectiveness in sun protection and maintaining the wood’s natural look.

Clint begins by explaining the importance of using a penetrating oil that doesn’t build a film over time. This approach ensures that the wood’s natural grain remains visible, avoiding the undesired outcome of a uniformly brown deck. He stresses that maintenance is crucial, recommending annual upkeep to avoid the costly and labour-intensive process of sanding.

The video also covers the different product sizes available, suitable for various project scales – from small furniture jobs to large decks. Clint demonstrates the use of the Walker WOCA applicator pad, highlighting its efficiency in applying just the right amount of product without wastage. He also provides practical advice on the application process, such as cutting in across the boards and then feathering out to avoid hard lines.

Moreover, Clint shares valuable tips like choosing an overcast day for staining to prevent issues like lap lines and picture framing, which are common when applying products in extreme heat. He advises on the correct method of application – a thin coat with the applicator pad, followed by cutting around edges with a standard brush. After the first coat is applied, he suggests a 24-hour drying period before applying the second coat.

Finally, Clint emphasizes the importance of not over-applying the product. A penetrating oil should not be flood-filled; instead, it should be applied evenly and sparingly. He concludes by noting the typical usage rates of the product per square meter, which varies depending on whether the wood is new or previously treated.

This video serves as a comprehensive guide for anyone looking to protect and enhance their outdoor decking. Clint’s expertise and practical advice make it an invaluable resource for both DIY enthusiasts and professionals. Watch the full video here for detailed guidance and expert tips.