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The History Of Floor Sanding

history of floor sanding

Floor sanding has been an effective method of maintaining and enhancing the appearance of wooden floors for many decades. The process involves the use of abrasive materials to give wood floors a smooth and even complexion, with an end result that can make your property look more stylish and inject an ambience that no other flooring can provide. This blog post provides a brief history of modern floor sanding and explains what today’s floor sanding process involves.

Floor Sanding in the 20th Century

The modern process of sanding floors began in 1969 when Eugen Laegler invented the belt sander. Before this, floor sanding was a long and tedious process that was only possible using manual sanding pads. Since the invention of the belt sander, floor sanding for homes and businesses alike has become much easier and can be completed in far less time.

Belt sanders prevent sanding marks in floors and offer unparalleled floor coverage, making the process more efficient and less damaging. Belt sanders can cover approximately 90 percent of the area, while the remaining 10 percent that includes edges and corners can be completed using dedicated edge sanding machines.

The Floor Sanding Process

The floor sanding process consists of three stages. The first stage is preparation, in which all the nails protruding above the floorboards are punched down. Additional preparatory tasks include removing staples and adhesives. These are important precautions to take, as sanding machines can become damaged if they come into contact with these elements

The second stage is the actual sanding, which involves using coarse-grit papers to remove old coatings and flatten the floor as much as possible. The floorboards may also require minor repositioning to make them the same height rather than uneven. After sanding has been completed, the third stage involves recoating the wooden floor with a protective sealant.

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