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Choosing the Right Timber for an Easy-Care Deck 

Deck Finishing

Thinking about building a new deck? Natural timber looks great, but it should also be easy to look after. We know it’s important to pick a wood type that looks good, lasts long, and can be easily fixed up if needed. Here are seven top timber choices for a deck that’s both beautiful and simple to maintain. One of these might be just what you’re looking for! 

  • Treated Pine 
    Emerging as a contemporary favourite, treated pine is gaining popularity, largely because of its affordability coupled with its aesthetic versatility. It’s receptive to both stain and paint, allowing customization to any shade you fancy. Not all treated pines are equal, however. It’s essential to note the “H” (Hazard) rating which dictates its outdoor suitability and its compatibility with ground contact. A trusted decking supplier or refurbisher can guide you to the best choice for your project. 
  • Jarrah 
    For those seeking unparalleled elegance, jarrah stands out. Though pricier than some, its rich spectrum of browns and reds more than compensates. If untouched, jarrah gracefully ages into a sophisticated grey. With a durability rating of 2 and fire-resistant qualities, it’s well-suited for areas vulnerable to bushfires. 
  • Blackbutt 
    Hailing from Australian origins, blackbutt is celebrated for its consistent pale brown shade. Notably fire-resistant, blackbutt can be enhanced with stains. However, it demands timely sealing to prevent potential cracking. 
  • Spotted Gum 
    Another gem for bushfire zones, spotted gum has a durability rating of 2. Often sourced from Australian plantations, its eco-friendliness is a significant perk. Expect a vibrant mix of hues, from pale to chocolate brown, and minimal shrinkage. Plus, you won’t have to worry about tannin “bleeds” common with some timbers. 
  • Merbau 
    A veteran in the decking arena, merbau was once employed even for house frames. It remains an attractive choice due to its durability and cost-effectiveness. Always source sustainably harvested merbau; it’s a nod to our commitment to environmental preservation. 
  • Stringybark 
    Available in white, yellow, and red variants, stringybark offers options. Most refurbishers, including us, vouch for yellow stringybark due to its balanced price and resilience. If you appreciate timber with character, the wormholes and gum veins of stringybark might appeal to you. 
  • Ironbark 
    Dubbed the immortal choice for decking, ironbark’s durability is legendary. Though it’s challenging to work with owing to its density, the results are stunning. From pale browns to deep reds, its spectrum is breathtaking. Perfect for pool decks, it boasts high resistance to fire, termites, and rot. 

Wrapping Up Your Deck Decision 

So, you’re almost set on building that deck. Remember, picking the right timber is key. It’s not just about a wood that looks good, but also one that’s easy to care for and can be refreshed with ease. With the right choice from our list, you’ll have a deck that stands strong, looks fresh, and requires little fuss. Ready to make your deck dream come true?