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Can I Stay in My House While Floors Are Refinished? 

Sanding Floors In Home

The prospect of refinishing your hardwood floors can be exciting. It’s an opportunity to repair damages, change the stain, or simply give your floors a refreshing touch-up. As this thought is entertained, a common question homeowners ponder upon is: “Can I remain in my house during the floor refinishing process?” Let’s break this down. 

The Short Answer: 
Yes, typically, homeowners can stay in their homes while floors are being refinished. But, the reality is a tad more nuanced. 

Preparation for Floor Refinishing: 

  • Clear the Area: Begin by ensuring the floor area meant for refinishing is devoid of any obstructions. This encompasses furniture, rugs, and other decor. 
  • Secure Openings: Seal vents and other apertures using electrical tape to prevent dust from spreading to other parts of the house. 
  • Base Moulding: It’s advisable to remove base mouldings for an even and comprehensive refinishing. 
  • Manage Dust: Considering the dust that sanding can produce, hanging plastics around the refinishing zone can help limit the spread. 

Why Furniture Needs to Go: 

Refinishing demands an unobstructed space. Furniture left within the workspace not only impedes the task but also risks being damaged. For the finest outcome, ensure the room is vacant. If space is a constraint, considering temporary storage or relocation is recommended. 

Challenges to Anticipate: 

  • Noise: Sanding machines, essential for refinishing, are loud. If you’re home, consider using ear protection. Also, ensure pets are far from the noise and remain relaxed. 
  • Dust: Refinishing, especially sanding, releases a significant amount of dust. While professional contractors with advanced equipment can reduce this, isolating the workspace using plastics can also limit dust dispersal. 
  • Odour and Fumes: The application of finishes, particularly polyurethane varnishes, can emit strong, often toxic, odours. If you decide to stay home, select a finish with low-VOCs and low odour. It’s crucial to also ensure adequate ventilation and possibly relocate your resting space to the furthest possible location from the work area. 

While staying home during a refinishing project is feasible, it’s not always the most comfortable experience. Proper preparation can alleviate some inconveniences. The decision might largely depend on the home’s layout and the extent of the floors under refurbishment. Before deciding, weigh the challenges against the benefits and costs of a temporary relocation. Whatever you choose, the refreshed look of your floors will certainly be worth it!