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Floor maintenance and care

floor maintenance

We highly recommend whether your coated timber floor is a commercial, sporting or domestic floor that you set up a regular maintenance program. Routine maintenance not only enhances a floors appearance, sheen and slip resistance but also extends the life of your timber floor.

Here are a few steps to ensure the best care and maintenance for your floor:


The use of harsh detergents is not recommended nor are they necessary, and should not be used on polished floors. It is recommended to only use a product suggested to you by a timber flooring specialist.

A spray mop is the ideal tool for the everyday cleaning of your premium hardwood floor. We offer the ‘SprayMop ComfortClean’ to all of our clients. This mop comes in a set including cleaning pad and bottle of cleaning product. To purchase your spray mop or for more information please contact us.

Drying Time

After 24 hours the coating should be ready for light traffic, no shoes, socks only. After 48 hours furniture is safe to move back in.

Protective Pads

Attach felt or recommended rubber or felt protector pads to the legs of chairs, tables and other furniture to protect the floor from being scratched and to reduce noise. Do not drag furniture across the floor.

Entrance Matting

The natural enemy of a timber floor is dirt or grit particles that are walked into the home. These little particles walked onto the floor will create an abrasive effect that leads to ‘micro scratches’ that can accumulate and leave a floor looking tired in high traffic areas. This can also accelerate the general wear and tear on the floor surface so the first point of action is to place good quality grit catching matts at all external entrances.


It is important to wipe up spills immediately on timber flooring, even if the spill is only water. Ensure the surface is clean and dry and do not allow spills to sit for extended periods of time. Non slip rubber mats and / or protective mats should be placed in high use wet areas ie: adjacent kitchen sinks and bathrooms for added safety purposes and additional floor protection.


A regular sweeping program needs to be established to remove damaging particles. Microfibre mops are perfect. Fine dust and dirt will create not only a slip problem but also act as abrasives, causing the floor to scratch and prematurely wear.