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Why You Should Wait for Warmer Weather to Sand and Oil Your Deck

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If you’re planning floor sanding and floor polishing in Melbourne, it’s highly recommended that you wait for warmer and sunnier weather. There are various reasons why you should avoid doing these jobs during the colder and wetter months of the year, such as avoiding inclement weather that can damage the finish as well as enjoying more comfortable working conditions. This blog post offers more useful information about why you should wait for warmer weather to sand and oil your deck.

Less Chance of Inclement Weather

Freshly sanded and polished decks are susceptible to damage caused by inclement weather. Strong winds and rain can affect the finish and ruin all the many hours of hard work you’ve put in. However, damage is much less likely to occur during summer when the temperature is warmer and rain is less common. By waiting until the weather improves, you can avoid wasting time, prevent unnecessary problems, and achieve an optimal outcome.

More Comfortable Working Conditions

During the winter months, no one wants to spend a lot of time outdoors doing jobs that expose them to the wind and rain. Not only can cold weather increase the risk of getting sick, but it also affects the quality of the outcome. Sanding and oiling your deck can also be much more tolerable and even more enjoyable with the sun on your back. The warmer months of the year offer more comfortable working conditions, helping to minimise mistakes and oversights that might compromise the end result.

The Finish Dries Much Faster

As the sun is warmer and more prevalent during summer, it’s the perfect time to sand and oil your decks. The sun helps to speed up the drying process, allowing you to make use of your decks sooner. You won’t have to wait around waiting for your desired results and there will be less opportunity for things to go wrong, such as bad weather.

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