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Helpful Hints for Cleaning Your Hardwood Floor

Able to be created from a range of different timbers and finished with natural varnishes, lacquers, oil or polyurethane, a hardwood floor is often a worthy feature of any home. Like many wooden structures, though, it’s important when it comes to cleaning that you do it the right way in order to preserve its quality for years to come. Below, Quicksand Flooring offers some top tips for cleaning your hardwood floor so you can maintain the integrity of the finish and keep your surfaces looking fresh and clean.

While it’s important to note that specific cleaning instructions will differ according to the finish applied to the surface (incorrect cleaning methods could potentially compromise the finish), these are basic instructions that can be applied in any circumstance.

Take Out Any Furniture that’s Easy to Move

This reduces the number of corners and awkward objects to try and clean around, enabling a faster, more effective and efficient clean.

Vacuum or Sweep Up Any Loose Dust, Dirt or Debris

This will enable you to really focus on the tougher stains and areas of dirt / dust build up. Half the job is more or less done once you’ve vacuumed the room.

Mop the Floor

Now this step is where things might start to deviate depending on the type of finish applied to the floor’s surface. A polyurethane floor is best cleaned with water mixed with a few drops of dishwashing vinegar. Always use a damp mop rather than a wet mop and always be sure to go along the grain. For water-based varnish, we recommend using a specialised cleaning mop like the ones from Bona or Loba. For more information about these or to place an order please visit our web page where you will find our contact details – www.quicksandflooring.com.au

Buff the Floor

Remove any soapy residue by buffing the floor with a soft cloth.

One Final Tip

Remember the humble welcome mat, found at many front doors across Australia? It’s not there to just be polite; it’s there to reduce the amount of dirt that comes into your property and therefore reduce the amount of cleaning you need to do. If you don’t already have a welcome mat at your door, it might be time to get one!