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The Difference Between Water-Based And Solvent-Based Varnish

Varnish is a transparent and protective finish that is primarily used to accentuate the appearance of wood. Commonly used for wooden floorboards and wooden staircases, varnish results in a glossy appearance that makes interior spaces look more stylish. Varnish is also useful for a variety of other applications, including furniture and instruments.

Depending on your needs, there are several varnish options available to choose from, including water-based varnish and solvent-based varnish. This blog will provide more information about the differences between the two.

Water-Based Varnish

Water-based varnishes are becoming an increasingly common alternative to solvent-based varnishes. They consist of acrylic resins which have been dissolved in water, making them a safer choice. As a result of advances in technology, water-based varnishes are proving to be just as effective as solvent based varnishes. They offer a number of benefits, including excellent durability, prompt drying times, and lower odour emissions. Water-based varnishes can also be easily cleaned from brushes when dry by simply using warm, soapy water.

Solvent-Based Varnish

Solvent-based varnish contains a higher level of organic solvents than water-based varnishes, creating a strong odour that is noticeable in buildings where varnish has been freshly applied. The organic solvents assist in drying the varnish and forming a regular paint film before it eventually evaporates. Unlike water-based varnishes, solvent-based varnishes require more specialised cleaning methods as well as more time to sufficiently dry. A white spirit must be used to remove varnish from surfaces it has been applied to.

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