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How much does it cost to restore an outdoor deck?

Washed Timber Decking

When the charm of your deck begins to fade, and the years of enjoyment it has offered start to show, you might find yourself pondering, “How much does it cost to restore a deck?” It’s a question that we at Quicksand Flooring encounter regularly, and we’re here to shed light on it, providing clarity and guidance.

The Value of Deck Restoration

Restoring a deck is not just about recapturing its aesthetic appeal; it’s about investing in your home’s future. A well-maintained deck not only becomes the highlight of your outdoor living space but also contributes to the longevity of your property, potentially upping its value.

Key Factors Impacting Deck Restoration Costs

Deck Condition

The current state of your deck can greatly vary the workload. A deck that’s weathered and worn will likely need more comprehensive restoration, which could affect the final cost.

Size and Design Complexity

Naturally, the larger and more intricate your deck, the more resources and time will be necessary to restore it to its former glory. These aspects are always considered when determining the cost.

Type of Timber and Materials

Your deck’s material plays a pivotal role in the restoration process. High-end timber may require specialized treatment, which could be reflected in the costing.

Selection of Finishes

The finish you desire, from a natural look to a coloured stain, can influence the cost. Different finishes demand different products and methods, impacting the overall price. For most decks we use high quality Woca products and our own blends (trade secret).

Repair Work and Additional Services

If there’s additional work to be done—like fixing loose boards or filling gaps—it’s going to be a factor in the cost. Rest assured, we identify and account for these necessities upfront.

Sanding A Deck

Quicksand Flooring’s Customized Quoting Approach

We pride ourselves on our seamless and accurate quoting process. By inviting you to send over photographs of your deck and providing details via email or over the phone, we’re able to assess and deliver a square meter rate that reflects the true scope of your project—without the need for an immediate on-site evaluation.

Why Pressure Washing Isn’t the Answer

While some might suggest pressure washing as a quick fix, it should be avoided. Pressure washing can be too harsh, easily damaging the timber. Our approach is more meticulous, enhancing your timber, and ensuring that your deck is treated with the care it deserves.

Your Location and Deck Restoration Pricing

Your location does play its part in the cost equation. As a Melbourne-based company, we’re well-versed in the market standards of our area, offering competitive and fair pricing.

Requesting Your Tailored Quote

Reaching out to us is easy. With just a phone call or an email, you can receive a detailed quote that’s customized for your deck’s specific needs. We aim to make the process as transparent and stress-free as possible.

Ensuring Quality in Deck Restoration

Our goal is to not just restore your deck, but to ensure it stands the test of time. We utilize the highest quality materials and techniques to bring out the best in your timber decking.

So, while asking how much it costs to restore a deck is akin to querying the price of a car—dependent on numerous factors—what we can guarantee at Quicksand Flooring is precision in our pricing, excellence in our service, and a commitment to bringing new life to your deck.

Are you ready to see your deck revitalised? Contact Quicksand Flooring today for your personalised quote, and let’s embark on the journey to restore your deck’s splendour together.