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Insurance Flooring Specialists

Request a detailed timber flooring inspection. Our service is based on a comprehensive site inspection and consultation.

water damaged timber flooring

Comprehensive reports and recommendations for...

  • Water or flood damaged floorboards
  • Termite, white ant or bora infestations
  • Damage caused by contractors
  • Damage caused by tenants
  • Legal disputes
  • Problematic floors
  • Real estate disputes
  • Insurance claims

The Process

A timber floor inspection typically involves a visual assessment of the flooring surface and subfloor, as well as the surrounding areas. The inspector will look for signs of moisture damage, such as discolouration, warping, or buckling, as well as signs of termite infestation, such as mud tubes or wood damage. 
During the inspection, the inspector may use specialised tools to check for moisture levels in the wood or to probe for termite damage. If necessary, the inspector may recommend further testing or repairs, such as removing and replacing damaged wood or treating the area for termites. 
Overall, a timber floor inspection is an important step in maintaining the safety and integrity of your flooring. This report can be used by homeowners, property managers, or contractors to make informed decisions about how to address the damage and prevent further deterioration of the timber floor.


  • Initial phone consult
  • 45min – 1hr on site visual inspection
  • Photos
  • Necessary testing
  • Full written inspection report

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Inspections provided by:
Clinton Tracy
(over 25 years experience in the industry)
CNLMF025 Certificate III in Furnishings (Floor Finishing and Coverings)
Certificate in Floor Finishing and Covering (Reg. No: 9827495)
Certified Berger-Seidle Wood Flooring Specialist