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The Benefits of Using Loba ProColor on Wooden Floors

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Loba ProColor is an excellent choice when it comes to professionally staining parquet and hardwood floors. The product offers numerous advantages over alternative options, including more reliable drying and the availability of various combinations to suit your specific needs, among others. This blog post from Quicksand Flooring contains useful information about the benefits of using Loba ProColor on wooden floors.

It’s Available in a Range of Colours

Loba ProColor offers no shortage of colours for you to choose from, all of which are available in 100ml sample cans. Options include transparent, mahogany, smoked oak, black, white, and more. You’re sure to find a solution that matches your preferences.

Timely and Reliable Drying

Unlike many other floor staining products, Loba ProColor boasts a reliable drying time. The earliest possible overcoating can be carried out after a mere 12 hours, allowing you to get the job done much more quickly.

It Can Be Easily Varnished

One of the biggest overall benefits of using Loba ProColor is that it makes everything so much more convenient for users. After the product has been applied to wooden floors, it can easily be varnished over with waterborne finishes for maximum protection.

Safe and Simple Application

As long as users follow some basic guidelines such as sanding the surface properly and keeping the floor dry, Loba ProColor staining products can be applied safely and simply without any complications. Simply shake the contents well before use to achieve the desired results.

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