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Reasons to Use LOBA Anti Slip

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Over the years, LOBA has been at the forefront of anti-slip coatings for parquet and wooden floors. These coatings are highly useful for work areas as well as environments that have potentially wet floors and need slip-resistant surfaces to minimise safety risks. This blog post from Quicksand Flooring has more information about the reasons why you should choose LOBA anti slip for your parquet and wooden floors.

Reduces the Risk of Injury

Slippery surfaces are hazardous for anyone who walks across them, no matter how much grip your shoes might have. There is always a chance that you will lose your balance and fall over, potentially causing serious injuries. LOBA anti slip is one of the very best options for achieving slip resistance for both varnished and oiled finishes.

Improves Workplace Safety

Your employees deserve to work in a safe environment that’s free of safety hazards. The last thing you need is for one or more of your workers to lose their balance on a slippery surface and hurt themselves. Fortunately, LOBA anti slip can be used to make floors much safer to walk across. This helps to improve safety and minimise injury in the workplace.

Easier to Walk On

LOBA anti slip can make parquet and wooden floors much easier to walk on. Shoes have much more traction once it’s applied, allowing people to walk across without the risk of slipping and causing injury. You can walk across the floor normally without having to adjust your stride to compensate for slipperiness.

There has been an amendment in the Building Regulations which now stipulates that all new builds, especially commercial properties use an anti-slip product on staircases.

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