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The Benefits of Using Reclaimed Wood

reclaimed timber

There are many reasons why you should consider using reclaimed wood for construction and flooring purposes. Aside from being more cost-effective, reclaimed wood can significantly reduce your impact on the environment. You can rest assured that reclaimed wood can get the job done just as effectively as freshly sourced lumber. This blog post contains additional information about the benefits of using reclaimed wood for homes and businesses alike.

Multiple Sources

Reclaimed wood can be retrieved from various sources, making it a highly efficient option for residential and commercial projects. Sources can include old buildings that contain large quantities of wood, factories and warehouses, barns and more. Wood can also be reclaimed from storage vessels such as wine barrels and beer casks. Storage vessels are especially favourable given their depth of colour and unique patterning. Additionally, wood can be reclaimed from old shipping pallets or recovered from trees that have fallen over and died naturally.

Preserve the Environment

People who want to protect and preserve the environment can choose reclaimed wood to minimise the load on natural resources and reduce deforestation. Using reclaimed wood minimises the need for virgin timber, and processing it has a much lower impact on the environment compared to felling and transporting new lumber. Furthermore, reclaimed wood offers varieties that are not naturally or commercially available.

Greater Maturity

The demand for virgin timber means that commercially grown trees are processed more quickly and fail to reach full maturity. Reclaimed wood, on the other hand, can be sourced from older structures whose wood has had longer to mature and fully dry out. Mature wood boasts greater strength and durability, is more capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions, and is less prone to splitting or warping. Mature woods also have denser grain, increasing stability and character. This makes it a particularly excellent choice for flooring.

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