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Why Timber Flooring Is An Eco-Friendly Option

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There are many reasons why people look for renewable flooring options for their homes and businesses. They may want to minimise their impact on the surrounding environment, or they may want something that offers durability and longevity. This blog post from Quicksand Flooring contains useful information about why timber flooring is an eco-friendly option for homes and businesses.

A Renewable Resource

Plantations are dedicated to creating a reliable source of timber for the future. As a natural and renewable resource, timber is an excellent choice for people who want environmentally sustainable flooring. People can also reduce the pressure on plantations by using recycled timber sourced from companies that specialise in reclaimed floorboards.

Less Cleaning Required

Timber floorboards significantly reduce the amount of indoor cleaning and maintenance required. By reducing the frequency at which you use vacuum cleaners and other cleaning methods, you can also reduce your energy usage and carbon emissions. This benefits the surrounding environment while minimising the time and money spent on cleaning.

Durability & Longevity

Before you decide on a flooring option for your property, you should evaluate durability and expected longevity. For example, carpets have can have a relatively short lifespan, which inevitably necessitates costly repairs and replacements over time. Hard floors such as timber are more likely to last longer, saving more resources and reducing costs in the long term.


Some flooring options emit toxic emissions that can cause allergic reactions and other health issues for people living or working in the area. Fortunately, timber flooring is a perfectly safe option that not only enhances the aesthetics of your interior spaces but also ensures healthy air quality. Another eco-friendly benefit of timber flooring is that it boasts low embodied energy, which means its production and installation contributes relatively little to global warming.

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