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What finishing options are there for my floor boards?

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Choosing the right floor finish is crucial for enhancing the beauty and durability of your wooden floors. In the world of floor finishes, Berger-Seidle stands out as a leading provider, offering an impressive array of products. Let’s explore their top-notch finishes, categorised into Polyurethane, Oil, and Varnish, each with its unique set of advantages.

Berger-Seidle Polyurethane Finishes

Berger-Seidle’s Polyurethane finishes are renowned for their exceptional durability and protective qualities. If you’re looking for vibrant colors and a robust base, consider the Classic BaseOil Color. For those desiring expressive and colorful options, the Classic ExpressStain COLOR offers a perfect blend of aesthetics and protection.

When it comes to professional-grade solutions, the Classic 100ProOil and Classic HardOil are go-to choices. These products not only provide a rich finish but also ensure the longevity of your wooden surfaces. The Classic Plus stands out for its versatility, offering an excellent balance of protection and visual appeal.

For outdoor spaces, the Classic OutdoorOil Color provides both protection and vibrant color options. Berger-Seidle also offers advanced solutions like SolvSeal PafukiSuper, SolvSeal FK Gelb, SolvSeal Uno, SolvSeal LT Export Extra, and SolvSeal LT Export ThixPrimer for specific needs and applications.

Berger-Seidle Oil Finishes

Berger-Seidle’s Oil finishes are designed to bring out the natural beauty of wood while providing optimal protection. The Classic BaseOil and Classic BaseOil Color offer a solid foundation, allowing the wood’s natural characteristics to shine through. If you’re aiming for expressive and colorful finishes, the Classic ExpressStain COLOR is an excellent choice.

For professional-grade results, the Classic 100ProOil and Classic HardOil ensure not only a stunning appearance but also long-lasting protection. The Classic Plus adds versatility to the mix, catering to various preferences.

Outdoor areas benefit from the protection and colorful options provided by the Classic OutdoorOil and Classic OutdoorOil Color. Additionally, Berger-Seidle offers solutions such as SolvSeal PafukiSuper, SolvSeal FK Gelb, SolvSeal Uno, SolvSeal LT Export Extra, and SolvSeal LT Export ThixPrimer for specific requirements.

Berger-Seidle Varnish Finishes

For those seeking varnish finishes, Berger-Seidle offers a range of solutions known for their quality and innovation. The AquaSeal® GreenStar stands out as an environmentally friendly option, combining sustainability with superior performance. If you’re looking for a ceramic-infused varnish, the AquaSeal® CeramicStar is an excellent choice.

The AquaSeal® RoyalMat provides a royal touch to your floors, offering both elegance and protection. For a natural and timeless appearance, the AquaSeal® NaturalWhite is a top contender. Sports facilities benefit from the specialized AquaSeal® Sport and AquaSeal® SportMarking Color finishes.

Berger-Seidle’s varnish finishes also include options like AquaSeal® ElasticStar, AquaSeal® ElasticStar Color, AquaSeal® EcoGold, AquaSeal® EcoSilver, AquaSeal® SmartHome, AquaSeal® NordicWhite, AquaSeal® ExoBloc Turbo, and AquaSeal® AntiSlip Add for various preferences and requirements.

What We Choose To Use At Quicksand Flooring

Berger-Seidle’s commitment to innovation, premium quality, and environmental consciousness makes them a reliable choice for floor finishing solutions. Whether you’re aiming for durability, vibrant colors, or natural elegance, Berger-Seidle has the perfect finish to elevate your wooden floors. But with so many possibilities it is difficult to know what will be the best solution for your needs. At Quicksand Flooring we love the look of natural finishes and making the grain of your timber the hero. This is why we focus and specialise in the AquaSeal range. This unique product keeps the timber as close as possible to its original state, while looking new and premium.

Want to know more? Explore the world of possibilities and bring out the best in your floors with Berger-Seidle.