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How long does it take to sand and polish floors 

Floor Sander At Work

Quicksand Flooring is known for delivering excellent floor sanding and polishing services. Our customers often ask us, “how long does it take to sand and polish floors?” The answer depends on a few factors, and we’ll break them down in this article. 

For a typical 3-bedroom family home around 100sqm, the sanding and polishing process takes about 4 to 5 days. This time frame allows us to complete all necessary steps: initial sanding, clearing dust and debris, final polishing, and drying. 

After receiving an estimate and booking with Quicksand Flooring, expect a 2 to 4 week wait before we can start the job. This period may extend during our busy summer months or the Christmas season. Booking early is a good idea to ensure your floor sanding and polishing project aligns with your schedule. 

However, certain factors can affect the time it takes to sand and polish your floors. One of these is the preparation stage. If you need us to remove carpets, we might find some repairs that need to be done first. This adds extra time to the project, as we need to fix any issues before sanding and polishing. 

The size of the job matters, too. The larger the floor area, the longer it takes. If you want your floors stained, it will also add time to the project because staining requires careful work and additional drying time. 

Finally, the weather can impact the timeline. Varnish dries slower in colder, winter months, which may prolong the project’s duration. 

So, when you ask, “how long does it take to sand and polish floors?”, remember that the answer depends on these variables. At Quicksand Flooring, we strive for quality and efficiency in all our jobs, ensuring your floors look their best in the shortest possible time.