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Setting The Standard: Our Exclusive Partnership with Berger-Seidle 

Berger Product

When it comes to floor restoration, we at Quicksand Flooring firmly believe that quality products are paramount in achieving unparalleled results. Our pursuit of excellence in restoring the intrinsic beauty of wood floors is why we have chosen to use products from Berger-Seidle exclusively. 

Hailing from Germany, Berger-Seidle has established itself as a leader in wood floor coatings and associated products. Their dedication to quality and relentless innovation has earned them global acclaim as manufacturers of the finest wood floor finishing products in the world. 

Why Berger-Seidle Is Our Preferred Choice 

Unsurpassed Quality: The mark of a Berger-Seidle product is its exceptional quality. From their high-performing finishes, oils, and lacquers, every product is engineered to provide durable, long-lasting protection, ensuring your wooden floors retain their pristine beauty for years to come. 

Innovation-Driven: Through their continuous investments in research and development, Berger-Seidle keeps pushing the envelope of what’s possible in wood floor finishing. They create products that resist wear and tear, yet remain gentle on the environment. 

Versatility: No two wooden floors are alike, and Berger-Seidle’s diverse product range allows us to cater to the unique needs and preferences of each client. Their products are suitable for different types of wood, ensuring every restored floor radiates its unique charm. 

Customer Satisfaction: Our exclusive use of Berger-Seidle products is driven by our dedication to customer satisfaction. Their enduring quality ensures that our restorations last longer, requiring less maintenance and offering our clients better value for their money. 

At Quicksand Flooring, we recognize that restoring a wooden floor is not just about making it look new again. It’s about reviving the intrinsic beauty and character of the wood, all while providing robust protection. That’s why we’ve aligned ourselves with Berger-Seidle – a brand that embodies our commitment to superior craftsmanship and quality. 

In our hands, worn-out, dull wooden floors are given a new lease of life. We skillfully sand them down, eliminating signs of age and wear, before treating them with premium Berger-Seidle products. The result? Restored floors that aren’t just visually stunning, but are also built to withstand the test of time. 

Through our exclusive partnership with Berger-Seidle, our team commit to delivering floor restorations that meld quality, durability, and aesthetic appeal. We believe that every wooden floor has a story to tell, and with Berger-Seidle products, we ensure that story continues to shine through. 

Contact us at Quicksand Flooring to experience the beauty of floor restoration with the world-class quality of Berger-Seidle products.

Clint from Quicksand-Flooring with Floor Finishing Supplies