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Restoring a 100-Year-Old Melbourne Gem – Part 2 

100 Year Old Transformation

If you’re just tuning in, be sure to check out part one of our project, where we embarked on restoring a century-old Melbourne home’s floors. Watch part one here

Part two is all about the nitty-gritty: we’re sanding and finishing the reclaimed Tasmanian Oak hardwood floors, and we’re racing against the clock to get it done. 

The Countdown Begins 

Clint from Quicksand Flooring here, and we’re starting on day five with a big task ahead: we have three days to sand and varnish these floors. It’s all hands on deck for this stage of the project. 

Sanding Down to the Wire 
Sanding isn’t just about smoothing out the wood; it’s our way of bringing out the timber’s character. It’s a dusty, noisy job, but seeing the original colors and grain patterns emerge is worth it. 

Choosing the Right Finish 
We’re using products from the Berger-Seidel line for the finishing touches, known for their resilience. The floors are getting a coat of ceramic varnish – tough stuff – in a matte finish. It’s about protecting the wood and enhancing its natural beauty. 

The Final Result 

After three days of hard work, the transformation speaks for itself. The floors are now vibrant, reflecting the home’s historic charm. Take a look at the stark difference in the before-and-after photos below. 

100 Year Old Before And After

This two-part series has taken us through the meticulous process of floor restoration. Each step was crucial, ensuring these historic floors got the treatment they deserved. 

Watch the final leg of our journey in the embedded video, showcasing the hard work and dedication that went into reviving this piece of history.