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Restoring a 100-Year-Old Melbourne Gem

Quicksand Flooring Ute

Diving deep into the world of restoration, especially in a historic home, one encounters challenges, quick-thinking solutions, and those light-hearted, spontaneous moments that make the journey all the more memorable. Quicksand Flooring’s recent Melbourne endeavour showcased all of this and more.

The Historic Challenge

Situated in the vibrant heart of Melbourne, the century-old property bore the brunt of termite damage. The Baltic Pine floorboards, rich with memories, sadly needed replacement, as did the underlying joists and bearers. Yet, where many saw despair, the Quicksand team saw a canvas of opportunity.

Reclaiming the Past

To resonate with the home’s storied past, reclaimed Tasmanian Oak hardwood boards were chosen. The hunt for these boards, true to the home’s era, led the team to a quaint town miles away. Clint’s energy and enthusiasm during this pursuit was infectious, reflecting his passion for the craft.

Journey of Installation

The project spanned three bedrooms, a lounge, and a hallway, covering 77 square meters. With the reclaimed boards in hand, the team began the intricate task of installation, spiced up with some playful moments. Clint’s cheerful attempts at mastering specific terminologies like “architraves” added a touch of charm to the whole process.

Among the tasks were challenges like adjusting planks due to elevated tiles and ensuring new floorboards slid neatly under doorframes. Through each hurdle, the team’s dedication and camaraderie were evident.

Finishing with Flair

As the days progressed, rooms began to exude warmth, and the beautiful details, like fireplace borders, came alive. While the artistry was evident, Clint’s light-hearted moments, particularly during the tricky parts of the project, added an element of warmth and relatability.

Looking Ahead

While the tale of part one concludes with a transformed space, there’s palpable anticipation for part two. With sanding and varnishing on the horizon, the promise of showcasing the full beauty of the reclaimed boards awaits.

Stay tuned for the continuation of this heartwarming transformation, where craftsmanship meets character in every step.