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The Best Maintenance Products to Use for Timber Flooring

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Are you looking for maintenance products to clean and protect your timber floors? Do you want floor care solutions that can enhance the results of floor sanding and floor polishing in Melbourne? There are numerous options available that you can choose from, but few are as easy to use or as effective as LOBA floor care and Bona floor care products. This blog post contains information about each of these options, ensuring you possess the information you need to properly care for your timber floors.

LOBA Floor Care

LOBA floor care products make cleaning your hardwood and parquet floors easier than ever. Available products range from dedicated cleaners that remove the most stubborn stains and deliver a pleasant aroma through to environmentally friendly refreshers that use purely natural ingredients to protect surfaces against wear and wetness.

LOBA products can be used for regular floor care on a weekly basis, or more intensive care on an annual basis, helping you to maintain the beauty of your floors by ensuring that dirt and dust has been removed. It’s also recommended that you place gliders under chairs and furniture to prevent scratches as well as reduce indoor humidity to prevent excessive air moisture.

Bona Floor Care

Founded in 1919, Bona is a family owned company that distributes quality floor care products throughout the world. Whether you want cleaners and refreshers or kits and mops, Bona products are designed for effective and easy care of hardwood floors. Bona cleaners are known for their strength and non-toxicity, while bona refreshers are popular for not leaving behind any residue.

Bona floor care products are an environmentally-friendly choice and are safe to use on various timber floors. You can also rest assured that people and pets will not be harmed by exposure to them when properly used. Whether you intend on cleaning your floors regularly or just a handful of times times a year, there’s a Bona product to suit everyone.

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