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Wood Deck Maintenance – Why And How

Adding Varnish To A Deck

A wooden deck can add value to your property, provide a fantastic place for family gatherings, and add extra character and charm to your home. However, like most things, it’s going to need regular maintenance if it’s going to continue to look great and provide years of service. Exposure to harsh weather such as rain and the sun’s UV rays is going to take its toll, not to mention the spillages, scuffing and general wear and tear that comes with hosting parties, dinners and other gatherings. In this blog post, Quicksand Flooring explains how you can keep your wooden deck clean and looking good.

Preventing Rot

Depending on how your wood has been treated, your deck may be susceptible to rot. Wood that has been pressure treated for ground contact is going to resist rot rather well, but wood that hasn’t (often the deck boards) can develop rot if not taken care of. Excessive wetness and moisture can lead to rotting in untreated wood, and if you live in an area that receives constant rain and your deck receives little sunshine, it may be necessary to replace untreated boards with treated ones.

When it comes to rotting, another main culprit is the dirt and debris that accumulates between decking boards. This debris soaks up water and in turn causes rot, but by regularly sweeping your deck clean and using an appropriate tool (deck flosser or putty knife) to score out the dirt, you can prevent rot and keep your deck looking great.

How to Finish a Wood Deck

Applying a finish to your deck that contains oil, paraffin and UV blockers is a great way to help protect it from the elements. Decks with finishes that contain oil will repel water and cause it to bead upon the wood as opposed to letting it soak in, which will eventually lead to rot. Quicks and Flooring can recommend an appropriate finish for the type of wood your deck is made of to ensure it remains in top condition.

Learn More Today

By performing regular maintenance, keeping your deck clean and free of debris, and applying a water repelling finish, you can help ensure your deck will last for years to come. If you’re interested in learning more about deck maintenance, or if you’re in need of some expert advice, call Clinton at Quicksand Flooring today on 0451 326 307.