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Using Oil Finishes On Timber Flooring

Reclaimed Timber Flooring

An oil finish is a highly useful embellishment that not only improves the appearance of timber flooring, but also serves a practical function as well. Oil finishes safeguard against the damaging effects of moisture and dirt while also providing additional protection from heavy foot traffic that would otherwise cause wear and tear.

There are multiple finishes available, but choosing the right one will depend on the type of timber flooring and the purpose of the floor. The reason an oil finish is such a great option is because it will give you the most natural looking low-sheen timber floor available. It is easy to repair if it gets damaged yet still protects your timber against everyday wear and tear.

This blog contains useful information about the benefits of different oil finishes on timber flooring.

Natural Oil

Natural oil finishes provide rich and deep colours of your choosing that enhance the natural textures of the timber. These are environmentally friendly oils that still have the ability to provide the protection and aesthetically pleasing appearance you desire. They are also non-splitting, non-toxic, and require minimal maintenance.

Oil Modified Urethanes

Oil modified urethanes are a strong and durable option for timber floors. They allow movement in the timber, preventing boards from splitting. They also provide reasonable moisture resistance as well as resistance to general wear and tear.

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